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Freebord DaBlues 78mm Wheels

22800 Ft
Set of 4 Da Blues Stone Ground Edge Wheels 78mm | 80a. Poured in California, Freebord's Da Blues wheels are the result of extensive R&D. Fueled by rider progression and tested by Freebord's Pro Team, Da Blues are the highest performance wheel in our lineup. Their custom shape, custom urethane and 45mm contact patch provide maximum grip while still delivering a consistent and predictable slide. Freebord's most durable wheel will elevate your riding no matter what style of rider you are. You will find these wheels under the feet of every Freebord Pro Team rider. Must be paired with center wheels no smaller than 72mm.

Freebord G3R Truck and 78mm Da Blues Wheels

35500 Ft
Price is for one truck+wheels Price in euro: 113 euro

Freebord S2 Bindings

14000 Ft
S2 Bindings are Freebord’s second generation bindings, now updated with new metal baseplates. These new bases are lighter and allow

Freebord Maple Night Wolf – Complete

98900 Ft 89900 Ft
Price in euro: 314 euro

Freebord Bamboo Owl – Deck Only

26000 Ft
Price in euro: 83 euro

Freebord Maple Night Wolf – Deck Only

21000 Ft
Price in euro: 67 euro

Freebord G3R Truck and 78mm Greengos Wheels

34600 Ft
Price is for one truck+wheels