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Dasilva Boards Aldous Deck Only

62900 Ft
41" / 9.5" WB 24"-26" 1700 grams

Dasilva Midas Deck Only (Előrendelhető)

65900 Ft
Midas is the Swiss army knife of skateboarding, made for skating everything, everywhere. This hybrid skateboard is at home in

Dasilva Dagny Deck only (Előrendelhető)

Small and nimble, Dagny is our lightest offering to the freestyle tribe. This season it is slightly Longer with more

Dasilva Rama Deck only (Előrendelhető)

62900 Ft
New for this season, the long awaited Rama takes the title ‘longest ass board in the line up’. Towering at

Dasilva Freddie Deck Only (Előrendelhető)

The one that started it all, our long loved freestyle & dancing board, The Freddie is one smooth sailing, flow

Dasilva Jeffrey Complet

98900 Ft
One of our most loved boards, the Jeffrey is a pure freestyle expression tool. This year we updated the mold

Dasilva Jaffrey Deck Only(előrendeléses termék)

62900 Ft
Length : 43″ Width : 9.25″ Wheelbase : 28″ Weight: 1700 Grams Jezuss Grip Top Graphic ~Medium keménység!!! One of

Dasilva HUX Deck Only (előrendeléses termék)

Length : 44″ Width : 9.5″ Wheelbase : 28-29.5″ Weight: 1900 Grams Jezuss Dancing Grip Top ~ Our best selling

Dasilva Jeffrey Deck Only ( szállítás 2-3 hét)

59900 Ft
Price in euro: 190 euro Specifikáció hossza // 41,75 " Szélesség // 9,25" WB / 27 "

Dasilva Hux Deck Only (Szállítás: 2-3 hét!!!)

64900 Ft
Price in euro: 205 euro
Hossz :: 44 "
Szélesség: 9,5 "
Tengelytáv :: 27,5 "- 29"